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Resolving complicated issues

Running a business can be a lonely task and never more so than when you are experiencing financial difficulties.

In situations like these, entrepreneurs need expert advice and support, our corporate recovery team can provide this. We will assess the problems facing the business, advise you of your options and will discuss these through with you. We will look for how we can save the business and the jobs it supports. Sadly in some cases this isn’t possible. Regardless of the strategy you decide upon, we will support you through it.

If you are a director of a business currently experiencing some form of financial difficulty then we can help. We provide dedicated recovery/turnaround and insolvency advice through are dedicated site All our advice is free and confidential, given by our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners ensuring that we maintain the highest levels of service.

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Our corporate recovery team is headed by Alan Fallows, who has over 18 years hands-on experience and is authorised by the ICAEW to undertake Insolvency Appointments in the United Kingdom. A Member of the Society of Practitioners in Insolvency, he is an expert in all aspects of insolvency work, with an emphasis on corporate recovery.

Business or Personal Insolvency

Sometimes things get past the point of no return and you have to make some tough decisions. You may be unable to pay regulators or your creditors what you owe them, and all the while the phone keeps ringing as people press you for payment.

Thankfully, insolvency isn’t something that most directors go through very often. But at a time when emotions are running high, it’s crucial to take some wise counsel from professionals who understand the options available.

Our insolvency team at KJG is highly experienced and will provide sound, prompt advice in a measured and non-judgmental way. We understand the administration of trading bodies and are familiar with asset protection matters.

Options for business insolvency include:

  • Administration
  • Receivership
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation
  • Compulsory Liquidation
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation

We will:

  • Guide you through the process
  • Limit the damage
  • Reconstruct where we can
  • Realise value for creditors wherever possible

Personal insolvency

If you are an individual in financial difficulty, our personal insolvency team can advise you on the best way forward.

Your options might include:

  • Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA)
  • Partnership Voluntary Arrangement (PVA)
  • Partnership Administration
  • Bankruptcy

We will:

  • Advise you on whether you qualify for a Debt Relief Order
  • Assess your situation and tailor our advice accordingly
  • Guide and support you throughout the process
  • Create a safe and confidential environment throughout

Turn around and recovery

As soon as the Directors of a business realise that the business is in decline, they should speak to our corporate recovery experts. If our team is brought in at an early stage, it is much more likely that we will be able to turn around the business. However, if the directors do nothing whilst hoping that it will get better on its own, there is a greater likelihood of insolvency. KJG’s corporate recovery team advises directors, lenders and creditors to initially stabilise the crisis within the business.  The team will then put together a turnaround strategy and a planned restructure.  We will advise you on the tough decisions you will have to take, and we will help you negotiate with your creditors, providing them with financial forecasts of where the business should be within a period of time.

Financial Services

As the owner or principle of a business your primary focus will usually be on the creation of wealth through the development of your business interests. Your attention will usually be applied to the day-to-day management of your business and you may feel you have insufficient time to apply your thoughts to your personal finances, business exit strategy or retirement. There are many organisations available to help you with personal financial and retirement planning, from your local independent financial planning consultant or personal banking team through to national and international asset management companies. Your objectives and aspirations are often as individual as you are. As principle advisor to your business, KJG can play an important role in helping you achieve your objectives and where appropriate through and with your existing advisors.

In conjunction with our range of services to your business, we can help you establish and develop a strategy which is tailored to your needs and given our knowledge of your business, a strategy which is entirely relevant to your business and financial objectives.  We can review and monitor any current strategy already in place.

We have a wealth of experience in several areas of personal finance including:

  • Retirement and business exit planning
  • Developing an investment strategy
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Use of Trusts
  • Tax for Individuals advice



Alan David Fallows, Peter James Anderson and Alessandro Sidoli are licenced as insolvency practitioners in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Kay Johnson Gee Corporate Recovery Ltd. Registered number 08656267, VAT number 172 6533 05. Registered address, 1 City Road East, Manchester, M15 4PN.  Where Alan David Fallows, Peter James Anderson and Alessandro Sidoli act as Administrators they do so as agents only and without personal liability.

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