Property and Construction

The property and construction industry has seen a significant increase in pipeline activity, with industry-wide sentiment improving since the recession. The sector is placing increasing significance on sustainability and the role cities play at a national level.

Technology is taking a more prominent role in delivery in areas such as building information modelling, providing more joined-up and efficient solutions. However, stakeholders are facing the challenge of finding long-term solutions to plug the skills gap while increasing profit margins.

At KJG we recognise infrastructure investment is the key driver of jobs, economic growth and UK competitiveness in the global economy. Our experts work with policy makers, contractors, investors, lenders and other stakeholders across the supply chain to help drive your business forward.

With hands-on local experience, we can help you address challenges at any stage of the life-cycle of infrastructure assets or programmes – from planning, strategy and construction through to operations and hand-back.

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Property and Construction

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