Family Business

Several studies have shown that family-owned companies outperform their non-family counterparts in terms of sales, profits, and other growth measures.

This high performance is the result of the inherent strengths that family businesses have compared to their counterparts.

Some of these strengths include, commitment, knowledge and continuity, reliability and pride. However there might be weaknesses to contend with, complexity, informality, or lack of discipline within the business.

At KJG we have many years of looking after family businesses and through our experience and knowledge help these businesses prosper.

Family Business Accountants

We’ve worked with KJG since the business was established.

With turnover exceeding £80m, KJG are the perfect fit for us, always there when we need them, and always coming up with new ideas to help our business perform even better.

Highly recommended!

Rayburn Trading Limited

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