Negotiating With Nothing To Offer Masterclass with Kevin Taylor

Thursday 4th Oct 2018, from 9:00am to 1:00pm
Cost: KJG Clients £30 | Non KJG Clients £60

We have all faced times when we felt at a disadvantage, that the other person held all the cards, and we knew the next conversation with them would be difficult; whether with a client, a stakeholder or colleague and dreaded the thought of it. Maybe you put it off, delayed it or simply avoided it, but what if every conversation was a difficult one, and delaying or avoiding it was not an option because someone’s life depended on it.

As a former police hostage negotiator Kevin Taylor is used to dealing with difficult conversations from kidnap negotiations to suicide interventions. In an interactive session, Kevin will share his experience and provide you with techniques and skills to manage even the most difficult of conversations; a must for any leader.

About Kevin Taylor

Kevin has over 27 years experience in a wide variety of policing disciplines, his experience includes both overt and covert policing roles; from walking the beat as a uniformed officer to Chief Inspector operations on a large division of Greater Manchester, and as head of Greater Manchester Police Hostage Negotiation Unit.

As a Hostage Negotiator he has years of experience communicating in the most difficult and challenging situations, from Kidnap and Barricade Siege Negotiation to Suicide Intervention and Negotiating the surrender of Dangerous Offenders at large. Kevin has used this experience to develop others through the delivery of training to Hostage Negotiators.

He was responsible for running a team of Police Negotiators and continued to hone his own skills by deploying with his team as an operational negotiator throughout. As course director for both the National Kidnap Negotiation course and Foundation Negotiator course he was responsible for developing and delivering training at a national and international level. Kevin has trained UK Police officers, UK military, and a number of international police forces. He has himself successfully graduated from the FBI’s Hostage Negotiators training program in Quantico Virginia, something very Negotiators outside of the FBI have achieved.

Kevin has worked as Intelligence manager where he was responsible for the development, collation and dissemination of intelligence for the City Centre division of Manchester and within the Specialist Operation branch as a Public Order Commander; deploying on the ground during the 2011 Manchester riots and numerous other high-risk public disorder incidents, such as Football matches and political and environmental protests, where dynamic decision making and risk assessment was a critical skill.

Through his role as a Hostage Negotiator and a police leader Kevin has become an expert in the skills of listening, Influence, and leadership.

Kevin Taylor