Business Owners and their Exit Stories

Tuesday 1st Oct 2019, from 8:30am to 10:00am
Cost: FREE

About Business Owners and their Exit Stories:

How does an individual start a business from scratch and take it all the way to sale?  Are they different from normal business owners, do they take advice from the right people, or are they just the risk takers that came up trumps?

At this event we’ll be talking to four successful entrepreneurs who have started a business and taken it through to exit of different kinds.

Hosted by Steven Lindsay, Kay Johnson Gee’s Corporate Finance Partner, we will hear about their businesses, how they grew, why they decided to exit, and how the deals came about.  And of course, we’ll give you the opportunity to ask questions of our panellists.

About our panel:

Mark Pegler, ParkVia (formerly ParkCloud)

Mark led a management buyout of his business in 2018.  This led to 2 equal shareholders exiting the business, funded by a private equity fund.

Ivy Wroe, Resin Surfaces 

Ivy sold her business to a US Fortune 500 group in 2017. It is now therefore part of Sherwin-Williams having operated independently for over 30 years.

Jerry Day, Servicecare Support Service

Jerry and his business partners Dave Aspin and Gary Furness sold their business to listed firm Clipper Logistics in December 2014 for £5.7m.

Julian Stafford, Midshire Business Systems

Midshire was acquired in July 2017 by Sharp Electronics Europe for an undisclosed amount.  Julian is now due to exit the business in 2020 having helped with the integration.


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